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Caspen Media distributes content through Video on Demand, IPTV and Mail order distribution.

We also provide Ethnic content to our partners in developed markets that are looking to attract Ethnic Audiences to their following.

We work with Cable providers, Mobile Phone companies and Television Stations to provide access to Ethnic Media Content thereby enhancing the customer base of our clients. We also integrate Ethnic media content into our clients marketing activities.

As one of the leading digital distributors of Ethnic entertainment, Caspen Media works with Ethnic media content owners to distribute their products across the globe. We have access to the rights to hundreds of ethnic movies and music tracks. We have also partnered with content owners and have secured worldwide video-on-demand, IPTV and TV rights for hundreds of feature length films and music tracks.

Caspen Media has established strong partnerships within the Media industry. These Partnerships provide Caspen Media with invaluable access to media content and ensure that Caspen Media consistently delivers the best content for use on any media. All contents are in English, or sub-titled in English, French, Spanish and are available for licensing across any territory in the world.